Decoherence Detection

Large quantum superpositions are sensitive to softly interacting particles and forces that cannot be detected by any other means. Relevant papers:

  • Decoherence as a way to measure extremely soft collisions with Dark Matter,” with Itay Yavin. Summary: Concrete models of dark matter that would (barely) be detectable by the next generation of matter interferometers. PRD 96, 023007 (2017). [arXiv:1609.04145].
  • Decoherence from classically undetectable sources: Standard quantum limit for diffusion“. Summary: Some sources of decoherence cannot be detected with classical experimental methods. PRA 92, 010101(R) (2015) [arXiv:1504.03250].
  • Direct detection of classically undetectable dark matter through quantum decoherence“. Summary: Original demonstration that matter interferometers and other large spatial superpositions will be sensitive to (otherwise invisible) low-mass dark matter. PRD 88, 116005 (2013) [arXiv:1212.3061].

See also the FAQ, the identification of a concrete DM model, the MAQRO satellite mission, and my thoughts on using micromechanical resonators.

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