Come work with me

I strive to understand the foundations of quantum mechanics through rigorous, quantitative results that are motivated by a thoughtful, and sometimes iconoclastic, philosophy of science. If that approach interests you, come work with me.

The Physics & Informatics Lab at NTT Research, where I am a senior research scientist, is an institute committed to unfettered foundational research and student mentorship. Short and long-term positions are available for postdocs, graduate students, and, in the right circumstance, undergraduate students. In particular, it’s possible to do your university dissertation research at NTT under our advisement with the approval of your university’s thesis committee. (That’s how I studied under Wojciech Zurek at Los Alamos National Lab.)

If you’re interested, take a look at some of my work and especially this result, and then get in contact with me by email or twitter. The NTT Research internship page gives more information about interning at NTT, whether with me or a colleague, and is not limited to the summer months.

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