PI accepting 2017 master’s student applications

The Perimeter Scholars International (PSI) program is now accepting applications for this Master’s program, to start next fall. The due date is Feb 1st. Me previously:

If you’re in your last year as an undergrad, I strongly advise you (seriously) to consider applying. Your choice of grad school is 80% of the selection power determining your thesis topic, and that topic places very strong constraints on your entire academic career. The more your choice is informed by actual physics knowledge (rather than the apparent impressiveness of professors and institutions), the better. An additional year at a new institution taking classes with new teachers can really help.

Here’s the poster and a brand new propaganda video:

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  1. Do you know of any less-prestigious programs that offer something similar?(An intense overview of most modern physics). I’m an undergraduate who would greatly like to attend such a program, but I don’t think my chances are great(pretty good marks at medium-tier university, no publications)

    • There are some other schools that offer Master’s programs (like Brown) but they generally require steep tuition in the US. I’m not very familiar with what’s available. The PSI program is fully funded.

      You shouldn’t be intimidated. They make a point of looking for students with potential from any background, not just top-tier places. I’m not on the acceptance committee, but I’d wager that few of the applicants have publications. I encourage you to apply. Email the program manager if you have questions or worries.

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